Mapping the Coincidence - Release, february 2014

Mapping the Coincidence
Lise Hvoslef

1) Big Bang on a Small Scale
2) Light Switch Love
3) I am Sorry
4) The Old Sailor
5) Mapping the Coincidence

All music and lyrics written by Lise Hvoslef. Except lyrics on Mapping the Coincidence by Nina Hvoslef and Lise Hvoslef.
Arrangements by Lars Andreas Aspesæter and Lise Hvoslef. String arrangements on Big Bang on a Small Scale and The Old Sailor by Lars Andreas Aspesæter.
Mixed and produced by David Aleksander Sjølie at Bark Studio, Oslo.
Mastered by Chris Sansom at Propeller Mastering, Oslo.
Lise Hvoslef (lead vocals)
David Aleksander Sjølie (guitars and bass on Mapping the Coincidence).
Tore Flatjord (drums and percussion).
Ellen Brekken (bass).
Lars Andreas Aspesæter ( keys and backing vocals om I am Sorry).
Jonas Kilmork Vemøy (trumpet).
Sigrun Eng (cello).
Nora Myrset Asheim (violin and viola).
Anja Eline Skybakmoen (backing vocals).
Nina Mortvedt (backing vocals).
Album and artdesign by Tine Semb.
Lise Hvoslef Records